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We are so excited to launch our Fall 2020 Virtual Education Programs!

Each series of classes is specifically designed to engage students remotely while still maintaining WFT’s commitment to high-quality, process-based theatre arts experiences. We are bringing the stage to your home and beyond — allowing students to act, create, sing, dance, and play from anywhere!

About the Programs

This Fall we’re offering 3-week class sessions for all grade levels. These shorter experiences allow students to quickly dive into building skills, learning techniques, and exploring material while offering families the flexibility to join us for one or multiple sessions. A highlight program, for grades 6-8 is our Technical Theatre classes.

We will be utilizing ZOOM as our classroom interface. To learn more about ZOOM and what you may need to access our classes click here.

Session II - November 7 - 21
Session III - December 5 - 19
Session II: November 7 - 21
Session III: December 5 - 19
Session II: November 7 - 21
Session III: December 5 - 19
Session II: November 7 - 21
Session III: December 5 - 19
Technical Theatre Classes

Acting Technique (Grades 6+)

Acting Technique engages students in honing the essential skills every actor needs to grow as an actor, individually and in ensemble. Through these 4-week sessions, students will dive deep into one specific area of an actor’s craft while continuing to develop their actor’s toolbox (body, voice, mind, and imagination). Students can take one session or all three!
Students can take one session or all three!

Acting for the Camera:Learn how to create a natural, believable performance for film and television through on-camera exercises, monologues, and scenes.
Ensemble Acting: Inspired by ancient Greek chorus, students will employ classic voice and body work, infused with contemporary forms such as spoken word, dance and others to learn how to work as a unified ensemble of actors.
Unpacking the Shakespeare Scene: Learn how to unpack the “given circumstances” of a Shakespearean scene and work collaboratively with a scene partner to convey the heart of a piece. Taught by: Lisa Rowe-Beddoe

Tuition: $120
Spring: Unpacking the Shakespeare Scene on Saturdays, May 1 - May 221:00pm - 2:30pm

Semi-Private Voice Coaching

Taught by: Todd Gordon

Tuition: $150
Session II: Starting the week of April 26 through the week of May 31Days & times of lessons are coordinated with families and the coach.

Semi-Private Acting Coaching

Taught by: Danny Bolton, Fran Weinberg

Tuition: $150
Session II: Starting the week of April 26 through the week of May 31Days & times of lessons are coordinated with families and the coach.

Virtual Teen Performance Ensemble - She Kills Monsters

WFT’s Virtual Teen Performance Ensemble program, for students in grades 8-12, is the opportunity for teen actors to deepen their skills as theatrical storytellers. Over a 10-week period students will further develop their actor’s tools while rehearsing for a culminating production of She Kills Monsters to take place virtually on Zoom on Sunday, May 23rd.

Virtual auditions will take place in late January/early February with virtually rehearsals starting the week of March 15th. Rehearsals will be scheduled for weeknight evenings and weekend afternoons, schedule TBD.
Please click the "Register Now" button to sign-up to receive additional information about the production.

About the Play
She Kills Monsters tells the story of Agnes Evans as she leaves her childhood home in Ohio following the death of her teenage sister, Tilly. When Agnes finds Tilly’s Dungeons & Dragons notebook, however, she stumbles into a journey of discovery and action-packed adventure in the imaginary world that was Tilly’s refuge. In this high-octane dramatic comedy laden with homicidal fairies, nasty ogres, and 90s pop culture, acclaimed young playwright Qui Nguyen offers a heart-pounding homage to the geek and warrior within us all. Taught by: Jeri Hammond

Tuition: $500
TBA - Complete the Request for Information link below.TBA

Playwriting (Grades 6+)

Creating Five Minute Plays. A concise introduction to the playwriting process. Students will explore the most effective way to tell stories through exploration of the basic elements of drama (action, character, conflict, dialogue). Students will build on initial ideas through improvisation, develop short scripts, then produce and perform their original works.
Taught by: Rachel Maddox

Tuition: $120
Spring: Saturdays, May 1 - May 222:30pm - 4:00pm

Untold Journeys: A Musical Theatre Showcase

Find our own voice through song. Through collaboration and small ensemble work we will discover lesser known composers/musical theatre shows, as a way to spark our artistic voice and tell our own untold stories, journeys and adventures. Through mini workshops, students will learn musical theatre technique, make self-tapes, create musical mash-ups and more. We will culminate the two weeks with an original musical theatre showcase. Taught by: Nathan Urdangen, Jenna Lea Scott

Tuition: $525
Monday, July 19 - Friday July 30 (Two-week Program)1:00pm to 4:00pm

Unpacking: A Playwriting Workshop

Using Storytelling for Social Justice by Lee Anne Bell as a guiding framework, this playwriting workshop will inspire students to unpack the types of stories we have been told and rewrite the narrative to tell their own stories. We will explore the interconnectedness between the oral traditions of storytelling and playwriting and learn about the Hero’s/ Heroine’s Journey, a theme woven through stories and plays from the time of The Odyssey to modern day Broadway.
The two-week workshop will culminate with students producing and sharing their original work at a virtual short play festival. Taught by: Arlen Hancock, Rachel Maddox

Tuition: $525
Monday, July 19 - Friday July 30 (Two-week Program)1:00pm to 4:00pm

An Actor's Journey: a Summer Teen Acting Intensive

This exciting and challenging class is designed for teens eager to explore the actor’s craft. The focus of this course is to build, sharpen and explore the skills that are most essential for any actor’s growth and success. Students will take an individual and collective journey as they delve into the actor’s process. Teen actors will dive into individual and group work with peers who share their passion and artistic goals in a supportive, collaborative class setting.
Students will receive invaluable individualized assessments of their acting skills to guide their progress on this journey. This class will include training in a variety of acting techniques and approaches that focus on an actor's preparation and relaxation, how to approach texts in both individual work and scene study. improving voice and movement skills, and developing characters while living truthfully under imaginary circumstances. Taught by: Fran Weinberg

Tuition: $525
Monday, August 2 - Friday, August 13 (Two-week Program)1:00pm to 4:00pm

From Concept to Design: A Theatre Design Project

In this theatre design project, students will learn how to take a text and a concept and bring the world of a play to life through scenic, costume, sound, lighting and make-up design. Students will have workshops in design and then apply those principles to creating designs for a selected play. Students will unpack the play for acting themes and design challenges. The class will culminate in a virtual design portfolio sharing and artist statement from each designer. So much artistry happens behind the scenes to bring a play to life. This class pulls back the curtain.

Tuition: $525
Monday, August 2 - Friday, August 13 (Two-week Program)1:00pm to 4:00pm

Performance Opportunities

Before we had computers, movies, and television we gathered around the radio to connect across distance through storytelling. Celebrating our ability to connect while apart, Radio Play Productions are the perfect way to learn the ins and outs of a production on the virtual stage. Radio Play Productions allow students to gain an understanding of how to use their voices to create characters, as well as how to make sound effects that establish the setting (all while keeping an audience on the edge of their seats). These non-audition based experiences culminate in a final performance on Zoom.

Grades 1 to 3: Radio Play Jack and the Beanstalk
Grades 4 to 6: Radio Play Disaster
Grades 6+: Vintage Hitchock

Part playwriting and part devised theatre, this project engages an ensemble of teen actors in developing, rehearsing and sharing a performance piece that tells their story of this unprecedented time. Exploring new works such as Everything Seems Like Maybe and Scenes from Quarantine students will tap into their personal experiences, thoughts, feelings and hopes to craft theatrical moments that are powerful and honest. This performance piece will be uniquely of this time and uniquely their own. The 2020 Vision Playwriting Project will end in a final performance over Zoom for friends and family. This program is part of a national project and students will be encouraged to share their work as part of the larger publication.

The 2020 Vision Playwriting Project: October 19 - December 19 (Grades 8 - 12)


We make intentional choices in our classroom practices to make sure we are a welcoming space for peoples of all race, ability, ethnicity, economic status, sexual orientation, and gender identity. Our program includes need-based scholarships, introductions with pronouns, and a faculty happy to work with families to meet students’ individual physical, learning, and social needs.

If there are ways we can be welcoming to your family, please let us know at wfted@bu.edu.


Wheelock Family Theatre is committed to creating an inclusive and welcoming environment where students of all abilities have equitable access to our educational programming. We work with students and their families to determine the best path to providing a successful experience for individual students. Learn more about accessibility at WFT here.

If you have questions about whether a program is the right match for your child please reach out to Jeri Hammond, Director of Education, at jerih@bu.edu.

Tuition Assistance

Wheelock Family Theatre is committed to providing access for all for our education classes and have never turned away a family for an inability to pay full tuition.

Complete the following form and a member of our Education team will reach out and help you complete the enrollment process.

Multi-Class Bundles

Interested in signing up for multiple sessions? Register using our multi-class bundles and save big!
Bundles are organized by Grade and class length (60, 90, 120 minutes) and excludes our Radio Play Production programs as well as the 2020 Vision Playwriting Project. You can register one or multiple students within each Bundle.

Grades Pre-K to 3

Register for 3 Sessions – $150
Savings of $30

Register for 6 Sessions – $290
Savings of $70

Register for 9 Sessions – $430
Savings of $110

Grades 4- 12

Register for 3 Sessions – $240
Savings of $30

Register for 6 Sessions – $470
Savings of $70

Register for 9 Sessions – $700
Savings of $110

Tech Theatre (Grades 6-8)

Register for 3 Sessions – $300
Savings of $30

Winter 2020 Virtual Classes

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