ABOUT The Wiz Jr.

Come join the ensemble of the Musical Theatre Intensive (MTI) for their performance of The Wiz Jr.

MTI is an audition based class for young actors who have not yet entered high school. Young actors prepare for the performance of a musical through daily musical and technical exercises, in-depth rehearsals, and character development through song and movement. The production is supported by members of our two-week Theatre Design Intensive.

The performance is free and will take place on Friday, Aug 16 at 6:30pm. Seating is general admission, no ticket required.


Hannah Ahn — Tornado/Munchkin/Road/Citizen 4/Winkie
Brynn Bennett — Munchkin 2/Citizen/Wiz Dancer/Winkie
Maisy Branch – Tinman
Naomi Brinkley — Tornado/Munchkin/Road/Citizen 1/Winkie
Liam Christ — Munchkin 4/Citizen/Wiz Dancer/Winkie
Naia Doczi — Glinda/Crow/Citizen/Flying Monkey
Sarah Dulla – Dorothy
Alexandra Fabbri — Evillene/Crow
Meara Gross — Addaperle/Citizen/Flying Monkey
Gianna Gutierrez-Wirtz — Tornado/Munchkin/Road/Citizen 3/Winkie
Audrey Howell — Tornado/Munchkin/Road/Citizen 2/Winkie
Carolina Jones — Aunt Em/Crow/Citizen/Flying Monkey
Audrey Jung – Scarecrow
Evangeline Kanaris — Munchkin 5/Gatekeeper/Wiz Dancer/Winkie
Jackie Luszcz — Munchkin 1/Citizen/Wiz Dancer/Winkie
Ben Miner – Lion
Audrey Navarette — Lord High Underling/Crow/Citizen
Brielle O’Neil — Tornado/Munchkin/Road/Citizen/Messenger
Meera Parekh — Munchkin 3/Citizen/Wiz Dancer/Winkie
Ezra Rudenko – The Wiz
Zinedin Sacirbey — Uncle Henry/Crow/Citizen/Flying Monkey
Ben Saradariyan — Munchkin/Citizen/Wiz Dancer/Leader of the Winged Monkeys
Melina Zullas — Tornado/Munchkin/Road/Citizen 5/Winkie


Director – Sophie Rich
Musical Director – John O’Neil
Choreographer – Laura DeGiacamo
Teaching Assistant – Michael Rosegrant

ABOUT THE Advanced Performance Intensive

This program is designed for teens in high school with prior training and performance experience committed to deepening their acting skills and knowledge of the craft. Through challenging exercises in vocal, movement, and character work and exploration of scenes from outstanding plays, students will experience the actor’s process in depth. This summer actors are investigating dramatic and comedic material filled with characters who are facing their private and public fears.  The theme for the evening’s showcase is “Theatre, Our Secret Weapon: Private and Public Battles to Find our Identity and Make a Connection.” The production is supported by members of our two-week Theatre Design Intensive.

There will be  a final showcase on Friday, August 16 at 8:00pm in the theater. This is a non-ticketed event and is free and open to the public.


Ava Bub
Franz Criscione
Seamus Doyle
Nathan Dixon
Thomas Fitzgerald
Katie Gustafson
Mia Domenica Giatrelis
Katie Johnson
Alan Kuang
Maddie McCabe
Ava Neal
Leeza Pesok
Jack Resiman
Heschel Roelofs
Julia Smith
Christopher Tillen
Arkady Varzhapetian
Mabel White


Fran Weinberg, John Manning Jr., M. Lynda Robinson, Maeve Chapman, Zoe Nadal