Where the Mountain
Meets the Moon

Adapated for the stage by Jeannine Coulombe
Based on the book by Grace Lin

Directed by Jane Staab
Choreography by Laurel Conrad
Original Compositions by Dewey Dellay

April 11 – May 11, 2014

Inspired by her father’s stories of the Jade Dragon and the Old Man of the Moon, young Minli sets off on an extraordinary journey to change her family’s fortune. She encounters magical creatures along the way, including a dragon that accompanies her on her quest, and finds her questions answered in unexpected ways. WFT proudly presents the East Coast premiere of Grace Lin’s Newbery honored novel.



Minli – Caroline Workman*
Ba – Michael Tow
Ma – Grace Napier*
Dragon – Stewart Evan Smith
Old Man of the Moon/Painter Chen/A-Gong – Chip Phillips*
Magistrate Tiger/King – Bill Mootos*
Emissary Chu/Gold Fish Man/Grandfather Lion – Gary Thomas Ng*
Jade Dragon/Amah/Grandmother Lion – Paige Clark*/Adobuere Ebiama*
A-Fu – Lexi Ryan
Da-Fu – Artemis Wheelock-Wood
Cub Lion – Caroline H. Davis/Christina Xiao
Buffalo Boy – Sebastian Wood
Voice of Gold Fish/Silver Fish – Jane Staab*
Black/Bride/Mother Lion/Ancestor Mother – Jordan Clark
Pearl/Servant Wang/Green Tiger/Peach Vendor – Elbert Joseph
Long/Magistrate Tiger’s Son/Father Lion/Ancestor Uncle – Alexander P. Roy
Yellow/Painter’s Apprentice/Ancestor Aunt – Kaitee Tredway


Heather Buccini, Colette Chien, Will Christmann, Cecilia Cipullo, Karina Cowperthwaite, Alexander Cox, Stephanie Coyle, Jackson Elwell, Grace Hannibal, Suzannah Marsh, Kiran Maypole, Arianna Reith, Whitney Sandford, Anna Schulinger, Carrie Ruxin Shao, Cassie Ruyi Shao, Meili Stanten, David Sullivan, Julia Talbot, Alana Tow, Kailey Tse-Harlow, Alexa Wang



Christa Ardito, Leyna Blume, Georgia Branger-Klein, Jackson Daly, Kate Davidson, Cornelia Pearl Davis, Mei E. Davis, Lila Salant DeAvila, Emma Gershberg, Morgan Grace, Sol Gutierrez-Lara, Zayna B. Hopkins, Lily An Huynh, Neel Anand Kumar, Ava Kathryn Lyons, Sophia A. Mack, Penelope Meisel, Julia Most, Zoë Parkin, Alina Potashinsky, Nejma Reza, Grace Theresa Schifilliti, Julia Smith, Siena Stanten, Aidan Thielman, Talia Raisner Thompson, Mia A. Tora, Mikayla Tow, Darren Trotman, JR. 


Director – Susan Kosoff
Choreographer – Laurel Conrad
Set Designer – Matthew T. Lazure
Costume Designer – Melissa Miller
Props Designer – Marjorie Lusignan
Composer/Sound Designer – Dewey Dellay
Lighting Designer – Craig A. Zemsky
Puppetry Coach – Roxanna Myhrum
Production Stage Manager – Greg Nash*

*Denotes Member of Actors’ Equity Association


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Behind the Scenes

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