Mission, Vision & Values


To create professional theatre and educational experiences for artists and audiences of all ages and identities with the power to enrich and expand our understanding of our shared humanity.


To inspire a more creative, empathetic, and just society.


Accessibility and Affordability: WFT maintains affordability, invests in universal design and access accommodations, and collaborates with access user experts, in order to ensure that artists, audiences, and students of all abilities and means can engage in the theatrical and educational experience.

Professionalism: WFT models professionalism and promotes respect in a process-oriented approach that elevates the quality of the theatrical storytelling. 

Diversity: WFT strives to reflect the diversity of the greater Boston community onstage, offstage, and in the classroom through careful consideration of which stories we choose to tell, who the storytellers are, and who the audience is for every performance and educational experience. 

Making a Difference: Wheelock Family Theatre is committed to the transformative power of theatre as a catalyst for individual growth, building community, and innovating new ways of thinking. 

10/18/22 -- Boston, MA Kira Troilo as Miss Honey, left, and Sky Fuller as Matilda rehearse for Roald Dahl's Matilda The Musical at the Wheelock Family Theater on Oct 18. The show runs at the theater from October 21 – November 20. Photo by Jacob Chang-Rascle
Roald Dahl's Matilda, the Musical (2022) Photo by Jacob Chang-Rascle

What is Family Theatre?

At Wheelock Family Theatre, family theatre is a shared experience for the entire family, where the definition of “family” is as inclusive and expansive as possible—the family you are related to and the family you have chosen. We appreciate that families are made up of individuals of multiple identities and perspectives and that it is essential that we all feel free to bring our whole selves to the practice of making and experiencing theatre together.

At Wheelock Family Theatre, family theatre is smart fun for all ages. We tell stories featuring intergenerational casts that resonate with adults and children in the audience in order to foster important conversations across generations and enrich and expand our understanding of our shared humanity. We offer process-oriented classes that teach young people collaborative and creative skills that transcend the theatrical medium and will be applicable throughout their lives.

Little Women (2020) Photo by Nile Scott Studios

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Wheelock Family Theatre at Boston University creates inter-generational and multicultural productions that provide a shared experience for the whole family. Our productions celebrate the diverse range of families found in the world today and seek to unite them in the shared experience of live theatre. We are dedicated to those who are historically under-served: people of color, people with disabilities, and low-income families. We know that it is not only children who are “at risk” in our society — but entire families and communities.

We are devoted to the ideal of complete access and reject the notion that the arts should be available only to audiences of privilege. Our play selections, casting policies, affordable ticket prices, education programs and access provisions for people with disabilities reflect an unwavering commitment to inclusive, community-based theatre. We believe theatre is a crucial element of human experience. It is both a means of self-revelation and a basis for empathy with others; it inspires both individualism and responsibility through the giving and the receiving of human experience.