Michael Mansour

Michael Mansour is thrilled to perform in Wheelock Family Theatre’s Roald Dahl’s Willy Wonka. As having just finished eating all the cake as “Bruce” in Matilda, his stomach is ready to jump into the gluttonous role of Augustus Gloop. Michael is 11 years old and in 6th grade. Some favorite rolls include Bruce, Matilda; Charlie Brown, You’re A Good Man Charlie Brown, Michael Hobbs, Elf; Young MacDuff/Fleance, Macbeth; Small Boy, Billy Elliot; and Arthur Lambchop, Flat Stanley. Michael is looking forward to the fall release of his first podcast “Wordtastic” where he saves the world from evil villains! What he loves most about performing are the new friendships he forms with the different casts and the new experiences it brings him. When not performing Michael enjoys swimming, dancing, and making silly videos with his sister!  Michael would like to thank his teachers for their support, brother and sister for their extra help with school work as he heads into middle school and his parents for being his chauffeurs and constant supports. Michael can’t wait to get started on this next adventure!