Liana Giangiulio

(she/they) Liana Giangiulio is a nonbinary playwright and actor from Philadelphia and a senior at Boston University (BFA Theatre Arts). Liana’s writing breaks down the conventional barriers placed on gender, culture, language, and sex in their mission to revision an art world that honors and celebrates multiplicities of experience and identity. Their plays has been workshopped and read by Reground Theatre Collective in Boston, MA (Love in the Valley of MexicoCamp Out) as well as included in Vintage Soul’s Quick Quarantined Festival-Round 5, and Dysfunctioning Just Fine and Shea Theater Art’s Queerantine Virtual Fringe Festival (To Be Out and Unafraid). Previous Boston credits include two world premieres: The Nestwives of the Cretaceous (Boston University) and Dead House (Boston Playwright’s Theatre). Keep a look out for the release of their thesis project, a collection of original writings made for trans+gnc actors. Follow Liana on Instagram to see their love of fitness, food, and latin dancing: @liana_tcg.