Extra! Extra! Activities

Explore the magic of theatre and enhance your family’s experience through our “Extra! Extra!” program, which offers a family-friendly workshop or event either before or after every performance. Events are designed to give young theatre-goers a behind-the-scenes look at how theatre is produced, an exploration of themes in the works they are seeing, and opportunities to meet and interact with cast members. And the events are FREE to all ticket-holders!

Saturday Tech Talks

After every Saturday matinee, our directors and members of our design and production teams give audience members a behind-the-scenes peek into how shows are put together and answer questions about the production and the process.

WFT@BU Red Carpet

Audience members can meet the cast up close and chat informally in the lobby after every Sunday matinee.

Admission to these programs is free for ticket-holders.

Know The Show

Access Our Study Guides

Parents and teachers can enrich their children’s theatre experience with our Study Guides, prepared with helpful background information for each production and are available for download from the Resources beginning two weeks before the opening of each show.

Meet Your Theatre! WFT@BU’s Social Story

Social stories were originally developed for children on the autism spectrum, but we have found that they are helpful for preparing any child who is very young or has never been to the theatre before. WFT@BU offers this general social story, as well as a customized one for each of our productions on our Resources page. We hope you will find them helpful!

Gather With Us

Pajama Party Fridays

Select Friday evening performances at WFT@BU can be the perfect bedtime story for your child. Dress them in their “jammies” and their tickets are only $17. Adult tickets are sold at the regular ticket prices of $20 – $40. Call the Box Office at 617-353-3001 to learn more about Pajama Party Friday tickets.