Inherit the Wind

By Jerome Lawrence and Robert E. Lee
Directed by Susan Kosoff

January 20 – February 22, 2004

“On a scorching July day in 1925, a trial began in Dayton, Tennessee, pitting two American intellectual greats, Clarence Darrow and William Jennings Bryan, against each other. John Scopes, a teacher, had violated the state’s Butler Act, which prohibited the teaching of evolution in state-funded schools. The powerful, provocative play dramatizes the central conflict from this famous trial. Ultimately the debate is not between the theory of evolution and the literal interpretation of the Bible, but rather it is anyone who would limit human thought versus everyone’s right to think, to teach, and to learn.”



Melinda – Jordan Ashwood
Howard – Nicholas Carter
Rachel Brown – Karen Q. Clark*
Meeker – Wesley Lawrence Taylor
Bert Cates – Shelley Bolman
Mr. Goodfellow/Juror – Murray Cion
Mrs. Krebs – Liz Robbins
Reverend Brown – Ed Peed*
Mr. Sillers/Juror – Harold Withee
Mr. Krebs/Juror – Fred Robbins
Mr. Bollinger/Juror – Robert G. Prescod
Dr. Cooper/Scientist – Anthony Dangerfield
Mr. Bannister/Juror – David W. Frank
Mr. Dunlap – P. Jay Clark
Hot Dog Man/Drummer/Juror –  Nicholas Neyeloff
Mrs. McLain – Kerrie Kitto
Mrs. Blair – Ellen Peterson
Elijah/Juror – Kim H. Carrell
E.J. Hornbeck – Mark S. Cartier*
Photographer/Radio Man – Ron Rittinger
Photographer/Scientist – Roland Hayes Robinson
Matthew Harrison Brady – Dan Dowling*
Sarah Brady – Jane Staab*
Mayor – Greg Nash*
Mr. Davenport – Samuel Young
Storekeeper/Juror – Marc Harpin
Judge – James Bodge*
Henry Drummond – Neil Gustafson*
Timmy – Garrett Cardosi
Hawker/Juror – Seth Compton
Phil/Juror – Jonathan Frost
Mrs. Loomis/Court Recorder – Jeanette Lake-Jackson
Reuters Man/Townsperson – Jesse J. Martin
Hurdy Gurdy Man/Juror – Robert Moniz
Doc Kimble/Juror – Frank A. Shefton 
Reporter/Scientist – Adam Soule
Townsperson – Alyssa Sahagian
Townsperson – Annie Giddings

*Denotes Member of Actors’ Equity Association


Director – Susan Kosoff
Set Designer – Janie E. Howland
Lighting Designer – Steven Rosen
Sound Designer – Chris Noyes
Costume Designers – Marian Piro
Production Stage Manager – Laurie Dupuis*

*Denotes Member of Actors’ Equity Association


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Behind the Scenes

Rehearsal & Behind the Scenes photos

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