Pippi Longstocking

By Astrid Lindgren
Adapted for the stage in a translation by Thomas W. Olson

Directed by Wendy Lement
Choreography by Laurel Conrad
Musical Direction by Peter Stewart

April 12 – May 12, 2013

On the outskirts of town stands a ramshackle house. It may not seem like much ’til you peek through the railings…then, there’s a horse on the porch, a monkey in the kitchen and a freckle faced, red-pigtailed, whirlwind of a girl in mismatched stockings presiding over all! This is the domain of — ready? — Pippilotta Delicatessa Windowshade Mackrelmint Ephraim’s Daughter Longstocking.



Pippi Longstocking – Sirena Abalian
Annika Settergren – Grace Brakeman
Tommy Settergren – Cyrus Veyssi
Mrs. Prysselius – Donna Sorbello*
Mr. Nilsson – Julia Talbot
Horse/School Kid – Elbert Joseph
Teacher – Kortney Adams*
Thunder – Margaret Ann Brady*
Bloom – Ricardo Engermann*
Klang – John Davin*
Larsson – Mark Linehan*
Mrs. Settergren/Carnival Barker – Sharon Squires
Mrs. Granberg – Jane Staab*
Captain Longstocking/Strong Man – Cliff Odle*
Angel Mama – Kerry Thompson


Will Christmann, Karina Cowperthwaite, Charlotte Palmucci, Amiya Stephney, Gilesa Thomas, Kimetra Thompson


Kianna Barrett, Samil Battenfeld, Diana Bauer, Sofia Anais Beals, Georgia Branger-Klein, Alba Clarke, Dina Gorelik, Hiroshi Irizarry, Juliann F. Khirallah, Kiran Maypole, Shea Miller Novello, Zoë Leah Parkin, Arianna Hart Reith, Nejma Reza


Director – Wendy Lement
Choreographer – Laurel Conrad
Musical Director – Peter Stewart
Set Designer – Matthew T. Lazure
Costume Designer – Melissa Miller
Lighting Designer – John R. Malinowski
Sound Designer – Roger J. Moore
Props Designer – Marjorie Lusignan
Production Stage Manager – Lindsay D. Garofalo*

*Denotes Member of Actors’ Equity Association


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A Joyful ‘Longstocking’ at Wheelock Family Theatre

-The Boston Globe

…absolutely stunning…

-Broadway World

Behind the Scenes

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