Maureen Finnerty

is an actor, dancer, choreographer teaching artist, & disability consultant. She has studied movement, improv dance, and acting extensively with many professionals in the field. She has collaborated with choreographer Gianni Di Marco in the development of World Affair and been a presenter in Dance Across the City. As the Movement Director for ATT (Access to Theater), Maureen instructs children and adults with and without disabilities that everyone has a place in theater and that each person enriches the creative process when he or she keeps an open mind. Maureen is ATT’s Movement and Acting Director. She has been a resident teaching artist, disability consultant for Open Door Arts (formerly VSA arts of Massachusetts) for over 13 years & has assisted with several workshops that focused on teaching the elements of improvisational movement and story telling to participants of all ages and abilities; included in these workshops is the concept of access for all through universal design. Through movement story telling & playwriting Maureen also teaches the importance of self- advocacy. Also, for 8 years she has been the co-director for All Voices Count, an improvisational acting and movement troop for adults with and without disabilities. All Voices Count focuses on creating social justice theater. Maureen is currently on a committee sponsored by the Boston Dance Alliance to increase the accessibility & inclusion in theater & dance. She is working with OWL to ensure that new public spaces will be accessible for artists of all ages and abilities.