John Tomlinson

(he/him/his) is a Jamaican-American, born in Harlem, New York. He settled between three locations: Atlanta, Boston, and New York. His mobility has provided a platform to collaborate, educate, and create art that engenders social reform along the eastern strip. He aspires to inspire youth to be self-reliant, and he has dedicated his life to carrying out that goal. Spending his formative years in Jamaica, he fostered an unparalleled work ethic assisting in the coalescing into American culture. Excelling athletically at sports, John drafted his life with football as the vehicle to ventures in business. He decided to pursue his passion in film – a career once unrealized. On a whim, John auditioned for colleges, where he currently is finishing a B.F.A. in theatre arts at Boston University’s School of Theatre in May, finding fraternity in a field in which he finds scintillating. His studies and encounters within performance have helped him realize his purpose in helping. John’s adaption to the two cultures has driven his curiosity in learning and exploring different disciplines. Mostly Self-taught, John has fully embraced his art and doesn’t plan on slowing down. Know for his infectious smile and bubbly personality, John’s energy permeates a room. He has acted in numerous short films and stage productions. Now, he intends to expand his artistic arsenal behind the camera. He is finalizing a short film that he has acted in, written, and produced. John is a selfless young artist looking to take on a new challenge.