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V.W.F.T.’s Teen Leader’s Group Presents: Out of the Box Theater Games!

Out of the Box is designed for all of you at home! Each week, the Teen Leader’s Group will present their favorite at home activites!

Recent Highlights

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“So Many Heroes”

“So Many Heroes”, a national tribute to our frontline workers, is performed by 75 students representing 16 theatres across the country. Join us in saluting those who have made significant sacrifices during this unprecedented time. #SoManyHeroesTYA

Santa’s Dolphins by Patrick Gabridge
Boston Theater Marathon 2020: Special Zoom Edition

Lyndsay Allyn Cox as Prancer (A Reindeer)
Nael Nacer as Blixen (A Reindeer)
Becca Lewis as Spouty (A Dolphin)
Jake Athyal as Leaper (A Dolphin)

Director: Emily Ranii
Sound Designer: Nick Vargas

The Wheelock Family Theatre Team

Jeri Hammond, Emily Ranii, Nick Vargas, Jenna Corcoran, Jamie Aznive and Keith Orr