Zoe Nadal

(She/Her/Hers) is a Boston-based performer and teaching artist. Originally from Los Angeles, Zoe moved to the Midwest to study at Northwestern University where she graduated summa cum laude earning a BA in Theatre with a concentration in Musical Theatre. Favorite Chicago theatre credits include Parade (Writers Theatre), The Little Mermaid (Paramount Theatre) and Ragtime (Marriott Theatre.) Television credits include The Exorcist (FOX.) In addition to teaching at Wheelock Family Theatre, Zoe is a member of the Arts Elective Faculty at Shady Hill School in Cambridge where she teaches playmaking and directs and choreographs both the Fall Play and Spring Musical. She is an MFA Candidate in the Theatre Education and Applied Theatre program at Emerson College. She is most passionate about facilitating meaningful theatre training experiences for young people where their creativity is valued and where cultivating empathy and creating community are paramount. www.zoenadal.com