Welcome to Virtual Wheelock Family Theatre’s Summer Story S.P.L.A.S.H.!

Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays at 1:00 PM via Facebook • July 6th – August 31st, 2020

Join WFT this summer as we Sing, Play, Learn, Act, and Share at Home!
Each week, WFT will host three activites centered around a different theme! Ever Monday, WFT will announce the challenge of the week. Every Wednesday, WFT will lead you through a DIY theatrical design challenge. WFT will end every week with a Community Share on Friday! Join us every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from July 6th through August 31st at 1:00 PM on our Facebook page here, or check back here for updated information.

Get involed! Learn more about our Weekly Story Challenges & Summer Spotlight opportunities below!


Mondays & Wednesdays at 1 PM

Write It! Make it!

Every Monday, tune into the Wheelock Family Theatre’s Facebook page to receive a weekly story challenge. Story Challenges vary from week to week, with different prompts to spark creativity.  Turn your story into a scene! Kids can create on their own or get their whole family in on the action. Challenge yourself to tell the whole story in a scene lasting 5 minutes or less.

Every Wedneday, we will continue the fun by sharing a hands-on prop/costume/scenery project to help bring the story to life. At the end of the week families are invited to share their scenes #WFTsplash.


Share your Story and Design Challenges as part of our Summer Spotlight Series, online or email jcorc@bu.edu with videos and photos to be featured below!

Get ready to Write it! Make it! Share it!


Week 1 – July 6th
Story Challenge: Fill in the Blank
Design Challenge: Making a Map

Week 2 – July 13th
Story Challenge: Magical Object
Design Challenge: Paper Towel Crafts

Week 3 – July 20th
Story Challenge: Three Word Scene
Design Challenge: Dinosaur Mask Making

Week 4 – July 27th
Story Challenge: Use the Photo
Design Challenge: Create the Attic and Trunk

Week 5 – August 3rd
Story Challenge: Fortunately/Unfortunately
Design Challenge: Create a Storybook

Week 6 – August 10th
Story Challenge: Extraordinary/Ordinary
Design Challenge: Stop Motion

Week 7 – August 17th
Story Challenge: Imaginary Worlds
Design Challenge: Diorama

Week 8 – August 24th
Story Challenge: Coming soon!
Design Challenge: Coming soon!

Fridays at 1 PM

Share it!

Tune in to the Wheelock Family Theatre Facebook page for a live showcase of talents from across the Wheelock Family Theatre community.

Calling all at home artists ages 4 and up! We are looking to shine our spotlight on you! Each Friday, a handful of WFT community members will be selected to join us live on WFT’s social media to share their talents. We are looking for singers, dancers, actors, visual artists, magicians, clowns, puppeteers, poets, and everyone in between to submit their “act” to be showcased and celebrated. Acts should be no more than 5-minutes long.

To learn more about how to submit please click here.

Tune in! Join us an audience member every Friday at 1:00 PM as we celebrate our community members! Click below to watch!

Perform! Sign up below to participate as a performer in WFT’s weekly Summer Spotlight!

Co-Host with Nick Vargas!


Check back for our full schedule, or join our email list here for most up to date information.

Summer Spotlight Videos

Week 1 - July 10th

Summer Splash - July 10

Summer Splash 2020 - Week one, July 10!

Posted by Wheelock Family Theatre on Friday, July 10, 2020

Week 5 - August 7th

Summer Spotlight Week 5!

Join us for this week's Summer Spotlight! With co-host Alexa and guests Ellery, Adrian, Carly & Kennedy!

Posted by Wheelock Family Theatre on Friday, August 7, 2020

Week Two - July 17th

Summer Spotlight - Week two

Week Two of Summer Spotlight featuring: Marc, Dwayne, Justice & Lyric, and John!

Posted by Wheelock Family Theatre on Friday, July 17, 2020

Week 6 - August 14th

Week 3 - July 24th

Summer Spotlight - Week 3

Our third installment of Summer Spotlight! Featuring Marcel Sharpe, Jeffrey Sewell and Alan Kuang

Posted by Wheelock Family Theatre on Friday, July 24, 2020

Week 8 - August 28th

Week 8 - Summer Spotlight

Join us today for our 8th and final week of Summer Spotlight. This week the entire WFT staff will join Nick as co-hosts! We’re featuring the amazing talents of Chris, Chelsea and Mabel and thanking all of our amazing community members who joined us over the last 8 weeks!

Posted by Wheelock Family Theatre on Friday, August 28, 2020

Story & Design Challenges

To be featured below, please email Jenna at jcorc@bu.edu with videos, photos or text!

Week 1 - Story Challenge: Fill in the Blank & Design Challenge: Map Making

In an imaginary land, there once lived one big monkey family with two songs named, Ned and Ted.
They spent every day at a pool.
All they really wanted was a pet gorilla.
But there was a terrible problem, Mommy Monkey would not let Ned and Ted get a pet gorilla.
They tried begging the mom to get them a gorilla.
But that didn’t work so they tried bribing her with Ned’s shells.
Then one day, this amazing thing happened, Mommy Monkey said “yes”!
And ever since that day, Mommy Monkey said “no” to everything else they asked for.

– Ruben, Age 9

Sage (Age 3), Booker (Age 3), and Wren (Age 5)

In an imaginary land, there once lived two nymphs, a wood nymph and a sea nymph.

They spent every day together.

All they really wanted was to be friends without having to hide it.

But there was a terrible problem, for thousands of years the wood nymphs and the sea nymphs had been a war.

They tried reason with their leaders, but that didn’t work and soon they began to give up. “I fear we have lost the fight,” said Birch, the wood nymph. “Me too,” said Aqua, the sea nymph.

Then one day, this amazing thing happened, there was a knock on their treehouse door. Birch opened the door, and greeted the stranger. The stranger was a wizened old nymph, with pure blue skin. When he spoke, his voice was warm, but tired, “I am a sky nymph, I have been watching over you and your friend’s efforts to join the wood and sea nymphs. I am here to aid you.” The nymphs looked at each other, then Birch beckoned the old nymph in. They accepted his offer of help, gave him food and water and a place to sleep. The next day, they got up at the crack of dawn and set off for the village of wood nymphs. When they arrived, they went to the castle and persuaded the wood nymph king to come with them to the village of the sea nymphs. There, they set up a great feast, for the two kings and asked both to join them for dinner. There the kings became friends and signed a life-long truce of the wood and sea nymphs.

And ever since that day, the wood nymphs and sea nymphs have lived in harmony.
– Alea, age 11

Map by Alexa

Week 2 - Story Challenge: Magical Object & Design Challenge: Paper Towel Crafts
paper towel crafts
Week 3 - Story Challenge: Three Word Scene & Design Challenge: Dinosaur Mask Making
Two adults and one child hold up dinosaur masks over their faces
Week 4 - Story Challenge: Use the Photo & Design Challenge: Create the Attic and Trunk

There once was an old lady who sat in her house all day. She was sad and lonely until one afternoon, a young girl came and knocked on her window – “Hello!” she said. “Hello!”, replied the young girl, “I am looking for the treasure chest”. “Excuse me?”, said the old lady. “The chest from my great-great grandfather”, said the young girl. “I don’t know what you’re talking about”, said the old woman. “Here”, said the young girl, pulling out a crumpled photo of a dark brown chest, “This is it. I was told it was in this house. Do you know it?” “I believe I do”, said the old lady, “Come in!” Together the two explored the house until the old lady knew exactly where the chest could be – in the attic. The old lady had not been in the attic in quite some time, but together, tep by step they climbed. They searched for twenty nine minutes until the stumbled across a note that read, “There is no treasure here, only the treasure that has brought you two together”. They smiled.

Week 5 - Story Challenge: Fortunately/Unfortunately & Design Challenge: Create a Storybook
flip book story
Week 6 - Story Challenge: Ordinary/Extraordinary & Design Challenge: Stop Motion Video

Apple in the Snow by Emily

Apple in the Snow Stop Motion by Emily!

Today at 1:00 PM learn how you can turn your Extraordinary/Ordinary story into a STOP MOTION! Artistic Director, Emily Ranii, will be leading us today - check out her stop motion below!#WFTSPLASHhttps://www.wheelockfamilytheatre.org/summer-story-splash/

Posted by Wheelock Family Theatre on Wednesday, August 12, 2020
Week 7 - Story Challenge: Imaginary Worlds & Design Challenge: Diorama


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