Roald Dahl's Matilda, the Musical

Roald Dahl’s Matilda, the Musical

October 21st – November 20th, 2022

Book by Dennis Kelly
Music and Lyrics by Tim Minchin
Based on the book, Matilda by Roald Dahl

Directed by Emily Ranii
Music Direction by David Coleman
Choreographed by Larry Sousa

When an exceptional little girl is born into a family that does not value intelligence, honesty, or kindness, it will take some cleverness with a side of superpowers to put things right. Matilda inspires her classmates and even her teacher, Miss Honey, to stick up for themselves and change the narrative of their stories. After all, “sometimes you have to be a little bit naughty”. Click here to see a full plot synopsis and learn more about this production.

Recommended for ages 6+
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Run Time: Two and a half hours with one intermission

Accessibility Performance Dates:
Nov. 13th, 2022 at 2pm
Nov. 15th, 2022 at 10:30am (Student Matinee)
Nov. 18th, 2022 at 7:30pm

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In the Rehearsal Room


Inspired by the twisted genius of Roald Dahl, the Tony Award-winning Roald Dahl’s Matilda The Musical is the captivating masterpiece from the Royal Shakespeare Company that revels in the anarchy of childhood, the power of imagination and the inspiring story of a girl who dreams of a better life. With book by Dennis Kelly and original songs by Tim Minchin, Matilda has won 47 international awards and continues to thrill sold-out audiences of all ages around the world.

Matilda is a little girl with astonishing wit, intelligence and psychokinetic powers. She’s unloved by her cruel parents but impresses her schoolteacher, the highly loveable Miss Honey. Over the course of her first term at school, Matilda and Miss Honey have a profound effect on each other’s lives, as Miss Honey begins not only to recognize but also appreciate Matilda’s extraordinary personality. Matilda’s school life isn’t completely smooth sailing, however – the school’s mean headmistress, Miss Trunchbull, hates children and just loves thinking up new punishments for those who don’t abide by her rules. But Matilda has courage and cleverness in equal amounts, and could be the school pupils’ saving grace!

Packed with high-energy dance numbers, catchy songs and an unforgettable star turn for a young actress, Matilda is a joyous girl power romp. Children and adults alike will be thrilled and delighted by the story of the special little girl with an extraordinary imagination.

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Johanna Carlisle-Zepeda

Stella Centore
Amanda Thrip

Aimee Doherty
Mrs. Wormwood/Acrobat/Mum

Maia Ettinger
Understudy Youth Ensemble Swing

Sky Vaux Fuller

Mia Goodman
Understudy Female Competition Dancer/Big Kid/Mrs. Phelps

Erin Grimm
Understudy Matilda

Krystal Hernandez
Mrs. Phelps/Doctor/Sergei

Lisa Kate Joyce
Understudy Mrs. Wormwood/Miss Honey

Echo Kaufman
Understudy Bruce Bogtrotter/Ensemble Swing

Charlie Lara McCannon
Understudy Nigel/Ensemble Swing

Zachary D McConnell
Rudolpho/Dad 3/Cook/Big Kid

Sullivan McStravick
Bruce Bogtrotter

Peyton Murray
Children’s Ensemble

Anthony Pires Jr
Mr. Wormwood/Escapologist/Dad

Julianne Repucci
Understudy Youth Ensemble Swing

Emma Resek
Competition Dancer/Big Kid

Lola Rhoads

Penelope Rhoads
Children’s Ensemble

Deirdre Roberts
Competition Dancer/Big Kid

Michaela Rosenthal
Understudy Lavender

Nadia Ruberg

Leo Ruckenstein
Michael/Big Kid

Luke Sabracos
Competition Dancer/Big Kid/Understudy Rudolpho

Jake Siffert
Competition Dancer/Big Kid/Understudy Michael

Phil Tayler
Understudy Mrs. Trunchbull/Mr. Wormwood

Kira Troilo
Miss Honey/Teacher/Mum 3

Lauryn Withnell
Understudy Competition Dancer/Big Kid


Evan Brown
Assistant Choreographer

Shelley Barish
Scenic Designer

Christina Beam
Costume Designer

David Freeman Coleman
Music Director

Steven Doucette
Props Designer

Jon King
Sound Designer

Franklin Meissner, Jr.
Lighting Designer

Emily Ranii

James Rotondo III
Shadow Puppet Designer

Sav Scott
Assistant Director & Choreographer

Larry Sousa


Paula Halpern
Sound Engineer

Jessica Haswell
Costume Coordinator

Kis Knekt
Paint Charge

Gg Martel
Production Manager

Lily Mittnight
Youth Guardian/COVID Safety Monitor

Eun Jeong Paik
Deck Captain

Stephen Reinstein
Front of House

Pat Rice Rooney
Production Stage Manager

Fanni Horvath
Assistant Stage Manager

Evan Dana Schuster
Technical Director

Melissa Smith

Samantha Sweet
Wardrobe Sub.

Kira Troilo
Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Consultant

Lawrence Ware
Lead Electrician

Rosie Ward
Dialect Coach

Scenic Construction: Ali Butts, Lily Mittnight, Addie Pates, James Rotondo III

Scenic Painters: Lily Mittnight, Addie Pates, James Rotondo III

Electricians: Ali Butts, Addie Pates, Melissa Smith, Sam Shotz

Special Thanks: David Craft, Neil Gustafson, Tom Madden, Rebecca Mailman, Ronen Mukamel, Jerry Wheelock


Cori Couture
Primary Audio Describer

Alyse Jessica Clinton
Open Caption

Ruth Celia Kahn
Secondary Audio Describer

Kelly S. Kim
ASL Coach

Sofia German
ASL Interpreter

Sarah Pepitone
ASL Interpreter

Cara Schwartz
ASL Interpreter